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A Divine Spirit
Connection Event

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Have you ever felt a deep sense of disconnection with yourself and other souls ?


Have you ever felt like your prayers were not answered even though you keep trying?


Do you wish to communicate and get guidances from the Divine spirits and souls?


On the upcoming Divine Souls Connection event,

You will be able to connect with Divine spirits and get clear guidances to your life questions


You will learn how to use these guidances to know which directions you should take in the journey of life





Would you like to learn how to connect with the Divine spirits in the world?

On this upcoming live event in Sydney, you will learn:

  • How to connect with the Divine spirits and receive continue guidance in life.

  • How to connect with your own souls and connect to the real you.

  • How to connect with other souls in the world.

  • How to creates a never-ending spiritual connection.

Look no further, look within, join our next event.

Date: 06/11/2021

Time: 9am - 5pm

Location: Sydney

Your Soul Guide: Fiona T.

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Your Soul Guide

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I was once asleep. I am not talking about my body, I am talking about my soul.

I was in a deep sleep, feeling lost, hopeless and a sense of disconnection. 

I felt disconnected to the world, and most importantly, to myself.

I don't even know who I was anymore, after having been through a miscarriage. 

Was I a mum? Definitely not. I couldn't be. I felt like my body failed me and I am a failure.

Was I a wife? Definitely not. I barely have a relationship with my ex husband anymore after the miscarriage. 

The truth is, I was nobody, I was nothing. I am just another human being going through pain and sufferings each day. 


I was missing the one thing that I thought it was going to make me happy - my baby, and I couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel when the life inside of me was gone.

What am I doing here? 

Why am I even alive? 

What do I have to do to feel happy or at least, feel a sense of normality?

One day, out of all these pain and suffering, my prayers to the Divine was being answered. 

But first, I have to go through the worst pain in life.


Life was teaching me a lesson to keep me grounded not just as a human being, but as a soul.

That one day, I began to be able to hear voices and see images all around me.

The first reaction to myself was, I must be going crazy! 

I went to the hospital, followed up by lots of medication and psychiatric treatments for many years. 

Nothing truely works! 

As much as I have treated myself as a patient, there was always an awareness deep down inside of me pointing to the direction that I should begin to listen to the voices and see what 'they' really want. 

I was running out of solution to fix myself, and the only way I have not tried was to start listening. 


And so I did!

It was the beginning of my amazing journey with my spirit guides. They begin to communicate with me and to teach me how to help myself and others by listening to their guidances.

Since then, my life has never been the same again.


I am now, a humble servant, your humble servant.


I am here to serve a purpose in life.


I am here to serve those who were as lost, as hopeless and as disconnected as who I was once in life.

Welcome to your journey of Soul Ascension, a way to awaken your soul and the truth of who you really are.

I honour your soul from within. I honour the totality of who you are. I honour your pain and your suffering. 

I honour YOU.

Let us join hands on our amazing soul journey called LIFE. 

Let us be the truth of who we are.

Let you be YOU. 

Look within.

Event Ticket: AUD $ 99



See you on the event!